Testimonials from Isabella 's Herbal Pac Users

A few years ago we got a nice gift basket from a customer with one of your "warm bags" in it. We used it every now and then but when we had our baby we really put it to use warming up his crib, then taking it out before he went to sleep. He started sleeping through the night so we gave it up and put it in a closet. A year went by with poor sleeping after he turned 1 year old. I was up 3x a night comforting him and getting him back to sleep. I was exhausted and tried everything. New jammies, sound machine, no sound machine, eating before dinner, earlier bedtime, later bedtime, etc. Then one night after he caught a chill playing in a puddle of ice water in his grandpa's shop (boys!), I warmed up the bag and put it in his crib (he's almost 2, so it's okay). He slept the whole night. THE WHOLE NIGHT! And we continued warming up his bag every night after bath so he has it during books and in bed and he LOVES it and sleeps the whole night! He lies on top of it, next to it, wherever he wants it. He loves the smell and the warmth. It has saved us. Thank you so very much. I ordered 2 more just in case something happens to our warm bag. He might even take it to college with him in 16 years...It's going in our carry on to Hawaii in a few days. Never leaving home without it. NEVER.

Thanks for such a great and local item. We LOVE it!!!
-Jenny in Pasco, WA


Dear Isabella,

Just wanted you to know we picked up one of the knee wraps at the TriCities Home & Garden show yesterday. Hubby tried last night and said "get me another one for the other knee" We're sold! Thanks for a great product. We're using your website for Christmas shopping this year!

Signed, R & G Luper


Dear Isabella,

I recently ordered one of your children's packs for my nephew Michael who lives in Ohio (he has autism and costochondritis of the rib cage). Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely hand written note on my receipt and the prompt delivery of Michael's dinosaur. His rib cage was flaring up and very painful and his new herbal pack made all the difference! His mom was not familiar with herbal packs and now is hooked.

I am trying your mushy pack for myself and can't wait to receive it ( I also have fibromyalgia and costochondritis with migraines from lyme). I bought one at a fair in CT two years ago (not from you) and the filling went rancid recently. Until I saw your site, I had been searching for one that was soft and not stiff and I think this will be perfect.

Thanks Isabella, for a wonderful shopping experience,


Diane Farr
Ridgefield, CT

Dear Isabella,

Wow! I have to tell you that I have never had a better buying experience than with your business! The pack is so beautiful and soft and better than my last one! From order to my home 2 days?? Unbelievable! Thank you and know that I will only use you for all my pac purchases! Outstanding service and product!

Katherine Goodwin


I just wanted to say that I didn't read anywhere on your site a testimonial to the alternative uses of the critter packs. On the 5th of July our car had 8 kittens, 5 of which have made it this far. She wasn't able to sustain feeding them and we found ourselves in the position of surrogate mommy and daddy. When we went to the vets office we were unsure of what to expect: we found that we had to feed them, stimulate them and clean them. Not to mention feedings every 2 hours!

One thing that struck us was that kittens are unable to regulate their body temperatures ar this age. I had a critter (herbal buddy) pack laying around from years ago and decided to give it a try. 4 minutes in the microwave and it keeps the kittens warm for 4 hours. This is lovely! I can honestly say that the herbal pack is a lifesaver, without it we would be using hot water bottles which run the risk of burning them. The herbs keep me soothed while feeding some very hungry kitties and pack keeps them feeling safe.

Thank you so much for this product, it literally means the difference between life and death for these little guys.

Monica from Portland, OR


I have fibromyalgia and severe osteoporosis, with some nasty breaks that have never healed. My husband and I were at a "home show", or some such thing some months back and came across your booth. I had a contoured neck pac (given to me by a friend), but when I saw your vest!!!...Wow: I bought one, and let my husband have the "old" neck pac . The vest os so perfectly balanced for my particular problems. (And my husband is happy to have his neck and back cared for at the same time!) I found that one a bit heavy, but the vest couldn't be more perfect!

As you say, "something for everyone" (Do you say that??... if you didn't, you should!) Anyhow. Thanks,

N. Waring

Dear Isabella,

Just wanted to thank you so much. I love my new shoulder wrap. I really can't believe how much it helps. Not only in my pains, but keeping me warm! haha I hate cold weather and being that I live in Ct. I get cold. It really helps all.
Thanks again,

Kim from Ct.

Dear Isabella,

I bought one of your HERBAL EYE MASKS about 8 months ago, and I have to say that I absolutely love it! I have a 1 hour commute with my vanpool, from Eugene to Salem, Monday thru Friday. I use the HERBAL EYE MASK every time to help me sleep on the way to work in the morning. The Aromatherapy helps me relax, and my eyes feel fresh and rested when I take it off. I will be deploying to Kuwait in a few months, and plan on taking my HERBAL EYE MASK with me. I also plan on purchasing some of your other products to take with me, as well as to give for birthday and Christmas presents. I have spread the word of your wonderful products to many people I know, including a number of individuals who I work with here at the Military Department here in Salem. Thank you so much for the outstanding product. Keep up the great work!


PFC Matt Marcott

Dear Isabella,

I recently purchased a special order Comfort Pac Vest from you at the Tacoma Dome Holiday Food and Gift Show. Since returning from my trip to Seattle I have suffered from a severe cold and sore throat. Your vest just arrived, and I promptly heated it in the microwave. Ahh! ... Immediate comfort!

As I look out upon a bright and sunny, although chilly day with the temperature hovering around zero, I am sitting here warm and toasty while wearing your vest, and I am reminded of your personalized care and concern. Wishing you great and continued success with your commercial endeavor and thanking you for being the special person that you are.

Thank you,

Marilyn Askelin


I wanted you to know, since you have given me such personalized attention, that I love the heart-shaped herbal "mask" as it is far SUPERIOR to any other sinus mask that I know of, and I have tried several. Not only does it cover more of my face and the nose itself and smells wonderful, but the weight of it when heated is SOOO relaxing. Thanks for all your help. I may breathe a little better this evening!!!!

ANN (maybe no longer a chronic sinus sufferer??)
October 2002

Hello Isabella,

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your products are! I ordered a neck pillow for my uncle in July and he quite literally hasn't taken it off, except to pop it in the micro, since it arrived! He just loves it and it brings him tremendous relief. Also got a neck wrap for my daughter, which she is crazy about; and a shoulder wrap for me, which is just great. I especially like the way the large size covers my entire shoulder area. Use it almost every day and don't know how I got by without it!! And finally, my daughter, who is quite pregnant (!!) ordered the cool neck wrap. She said to tell you it's her favorite item of the season! She wears it all the time (comfort over fashion in her condition!!); and it's making this very hot summer more bearable!

You've made a nice difference in our lives. Thanks so much!

Phoenix, AZ
September 2002


I recently purchased an Herbal Shoulder Wrap and the Back Pack with Velcro Straps. I can hardly wait to get home every night from work to put the on. I have chronic neck and back pain and these two items have been a godsend. Plus, I have the added benefit of smelling like a giant tea bag! The herbs smell so good in these packs when they are heated. Thanks so much for your product.

Melody Wilson
Davenport, WA
June 2002

Dear Isabella,

"I am so very thrilled that I had to give you the good words of my family and friends who received one variety or another of your packs for Christmas and Chanukah. All the raves have made me feel especially happy and great that everyone loves them, especially my 6 year old. She has been collecting all of them. She loves them and I bet she will want to take hers to school and tell everyone all about how wonderful she feels with her Pac around her little body.
"So I wish you much success and keep up the real talent you have in making everyone feel healthier, snuggly and loved.

Thank you and you are in my "favorites" listing.

Happy Holidays,
Liz Waters, Oregon
Dec. 2000

Hi Isabella,

We received our wonderful order on Thursday and I just wanted to thank
you for the prompt service and wonderful products.
We love the comfort pac and the eye pillow. Just wanted to let you know. Looking forward to buying more wonderful products from you in the future.

Take Care,
Melinda Bach
August 2000

Dear Isabella,

Had to let you know that my neck has been stiff and in pain for 2 weeks. In desperation I ordered one of your neck pacs and unbelievably to me I was pain free within a half an hour. Wow! I'm a believer.

Thank you!
Joyce Brown, New York
July 1999


I took my new shoulder wrap to work and now everyone in the office wants one. Sitting in front of a computer all day is more physically demanding than you would imagine. My shoulder wrap eases the tension in my shoulders as well providing a warm, relaxing effect. Please send a catalog soon so I don't have to keep loaning my Pac out to everyone else!!

Sharon Hauk, California
January 2000

To Isabella's Herbal Comfort Pacs,

My son recently suffered with a common bout of stuffy nose, cough and cold. He is the one who requested that I heat one of our "comfy pillows" to warm him. To my joy, it also relieved his sore throat and coughing at nite when he wanted to sleep. I have used your pacs (hot or cold) for many ailments, but I still find new uses just like this one.

Thank you again,
Karen Lightfoot, Texas
July 2001

The following is a letter to us
from Dr. Melitis:

June 15, 1998

The Herbal Comfort Pac product line has proven to be a tremendous asset to my practice, ad has gained an enormous following at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon medicinary (in-house dispensary). As a clinician, I have seen over 100 patients benefit from the therapeutic benefits of using the Herbal Comfort Pac in the last year.

I have used the Herbal Comfort Pac the most in my practice and one of the first questions that I am asked when my patients return is whether they can buy one for a friend or family member.

Prior to using your product line, patient compliance for using therapeutic heat or cold was always a challenge. Now, I find it difficult (no exaggeration) to get my patients to discontinue therapy. Which is fine, since the relaxing and comforting effects have proven beneficial for so many health concerns. Among my favorite applications are:

Back Aches Cramps Muscle Relaxation Stress
Anxiety Insomnia Chest Colds Sinus Headaches
Migraines ADHD Sprains/Strains Sports Injuries

Clinically it offers the therapeutic benefits of deep penetrating heat, or soothing cold. The Herbal Comfort Pac's ability to wrap around body parts allows good contact to be made, offering more intense and specific therapy. In addition, the aromatherapy and herbal properties help to relax, lessen spasms, sooth and decrease the feelings of discomfort.

When I am not helping patients regain their health as a physician, I serve as the Dean of Clinical Education/Chief Medical Officer at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. I have observed that many patients will purchase your products from our in-house dispensary (medicinary as gifts for family members and friends.

If your company wanted to make an even greater global impact, you should actively educate physicians on the benefits of this product so they could share it with their patients.


Dr. Chris D. Melitis
Naturopathic Physician