Heating Instructions and Maintenance


Heat Therapy:

Begin heating with pac at room temperature, place on clean, dry microwave safe plate, allow turn table to rotate freely, heat pac 1 minute, add 30 second heating increments as needed. Gently shift mix to evenly distribute heat throughout pac, check temperature before use.

Cold Therapy:

Begin chilling pac at room temperature, seal pac in clean, dry, zip-top plastic bag, freeze for 1-2 hours, evenly distribute cold throughout pac, check temperature before use.

Cleaning & Storage:

Spot clean fabric with damp cloth. Do not submerge pac in water or cleaning solutions. Air dry. No bleach. No iron. Extend the life of your pac by storing in an airtight bag or container, in cool, dry environment.

Pac Heating Times:

Do not exceed 1 minute total heating time: Mini Heart | *Migraine Cap
*heat is not recommended near eyes, heat only the neck portion of the Migraine Cap

Do not exceed 2 minutes total heating time: Booties | Small Oval Pac | Small Joint Wrap | Stitched Nec & Body Pac | Min-Fan Neck Pac | Herbal Hand Mitts

Do not exceed 3 minutes total heating time: Long Oval Pac | Mushy Bag | Giant Herbal Pac | Supersized Herbal Pac | Large Convertible Nec Pac | Fan Shoulder Wrap with Collar | Large Fan Shoulder Wrap with Collar | Full Coverage Vest | Large Lumbar Backpack with velcro Straps | Slippers


Pac contents may be hot. Protect yourself, exercise caution and common sense when heating & handling. Do not overheat, follow directions. Use properly functioning microwave. Overheating may damage pac. Initiate heating, chilling & storage with product at room temperature. Pac must be clean & dry, free from soil. Only the fabric can be spot cleaned. Do not submerge pac in water or cleaners, inspect pac for damage before & after use. Do not use if damaged. External use only. Contact doctor if you have preexisting conditions or decreased perception of pain or temperature. Booties and Slippers are intended for use in resting position only. Heat is not recommended for Sinus Mask, Eye Pillow, Herbal Eye Mask or Eye Pac portion of Migraine Cap.

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